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Gil D'Harcour

From 1993 till 2018, Gil D'Harcour created and designed 33 restaurant or bar concepts and assisted in the management of 50 different foodservice outlets for different Indonesian investors such as President Soeharto family's members, ministers, high profile businessmen and new entrepreneurs eager to make a mark in the food and beverage scene in Indonesia, the fourth biggest commercial market in the world.

Creating and setting up a new concept for a client would take a minimum of six to twelve months of work and is a mission requiring multiple skills and steps of preparation : Business proposal with investment plan / Concept definition with sketches and interior theme / Menu development / Operation budget and planning / Key contractors selection such as architects, civil and mechanical and electrical contractors and kitchen suppliers / Zoning front and back of the house / Interior sketches per zone / Kitchen equipment layout / 3D animation / Renovation supervision with coordination meetings / Recruitment of all positions in administration, production and service / S.O.P manual / Floor training / Branding strategy / Marketing Plan / Three months Technical assistance after opening. Gil D'Harcour performed all those tasks flanked by a graphic and 3D operator and delivered turn key operations to the clients.

Out of the 33 concepts opened and handed over to the client, only two have failed within the first year of operation, others were still striving after 3 years of operation.

Besides the genuine work of handcrafting all the concepts shown in this web site, specific missions for various clients were conducted such as a contributor for a foodservice magazine, executing rejuvenation, audit or restructuring work. For several outlets he engineered the opening he participated in the organisation of numerous events involving international celebrities in the entertainment industry such Jon Bon Jovi for the launching of MTV ASIA, press conference for Matt Bianco, Tito Puente or Hiromi concert in The Nine Muses Club.

Gil D'Harcour is a member of FCSI,  Foodservice Consultant Society International since 2011, a graduate from Hotel & Tourism school in Nice, France and from International Maxim's Institute of Paris in Hotel Management.

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